Ode to the African Woman

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Beautiful African Woman

You were told that your hair was too thick

That your skin was too dark

That your curves were too curvy

That you weren’t woman enough

They used you as a machine gun

You fed their guns with amo

They used you as the fuel that started this fire

They stripped you of your innocence

They used you as an instrument of their glory

Instead of an instrument of His glory

By Promise Kunene


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  1. notyouraveragegirl9

    This inspired my piece. I literally wrote mine after I read yours.

    An Ode to The Modern Black Woman

    Shhh… listen,
    They talk about you
    All that they suppose you should be and that they think you are not
    They talk about you, listen, shh…
    They put your face on the table and pick you apart
    They tell you this isn’t who you are, be like this, never like that
    Who are they to dare say such about who you choose to be?

    Listen, shh.. silence them
    The background noise to the foreground that is your glorious being
    They tell you no, not that hair
    No, not that ‘paste’ on your face
    No, your hair’s to be tamed and not set free to its natural state and desire
    Tell them, listen… shhh… silence them
    Tell them no, black isn’t hair
    Tell them no, black isn’t a single shade nor tone
    Tell them black is different hues of glory
    Tell them listen, shh… black is heart
    Black is soul

    Strut your stuff with your hair worn straight down back
    Strut your stuff with your hair in a big puff of black magic
    Strut it with your head without a single strand of hair, shining like
    a full moon on a warm summers’ night
    Shh… listen, you do that alright?

    Who’s who to tell you no, sit down?
    To tell you shhh, you’re too loud?
    I say to you let your voice be audible
    Dear modern black woman, there are no guidelines to being black-
    It’s not Maybelline, shh, listen, you were born with it

    Who’s to say no to a modern black woman with the world on her hands?
    Who’s to say no to a modern black woman with sheer magic?

    Shh.. listen,
    They talk about you because you’re a treasure,
    Gold, honey, pure gold
    So, shimmer, you goddess you!
    Sparkle, you star you!
    Go, modern black woman,
    Shh.. listen
    The world’s your oyster – now, SLURP!
    Loud. As you should ❤

    -Xoli N

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