The Beast With In


I believe that the people in your life awaken different beasts inside of you, if you let them. A beast is a noun, a person that is exceedingly good at something or has an intimidating presence. We all have many different beasts and these beasts amplify our ability to do certain things. Now depending on the people in our lives and how much leeway we give them to have an effect on us, those beasts will be summoned.

This can be to your benefit by proving someone wrong and excelling at something that you are passionate about. On the other hand this could be to your detriment because sometimes people arouse beasts that are not good for anyone in the situation. Either way these beasts are being called up by other people, outsiders.

Can we not summon our own beasts? Can we not be the ones to rally ourselves to be or to do something because of our passion? Why must our fate constantly be determined by other people? I say no, I don’t need a thing or a person to give me the conviction to do something. I will call up my own beast and do everything that I do the best way that I know how. I am exceptional. I am a beast. I am a blackboard

by Amonge Sinxoto


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