Time Out: Origin Coffee Roasting


Origin Coffee Roasting is a popular & laid back Coffee shop situated on 28 Hudson Street, Cape Town 8001. its most busy hours is between the times  6am-3pm. It’s very convenient & suitable for lunch dates, business meetings and students usually come in between lectures. They’re very well known for their  excellent bagels & coffee. Their menu caters for breakfast right through to lunch.

Another plus is that their customer service is great, as you’re greeted at the door with a friendly smile, and accompanied to your table. As a way to kind of trick you into staying, they bring you a glass of water straight away and a jug to refill. There’s a wall with magazines hanging, so if you ever feel like you need a short read while waiting for your food, you can always help yourself. Luckily they have a variety, from fashion & lifestyle,  to sports, car magazines, food, and traveling. The mood of the coffee shop is amazing, everything is chilled (music as well) and the smell of the roasted coffee beans  aroma in the air, kind of keeps everyone calm & collected. Something else that I liked was the setting of the tables, in the center of the the shop the tables are big and long enough to fit at least 10 people so sometimes someone you don’t know can be sitting across the table from you & it’s kind of a good way to meet people and network.

Visitors can expect world class coffee and next level service in a beautiful, contemporary atmosphere.Whether you live in cape town or are visiting make sure to pop by for great coffee and chilled time out.

By Skhona Koza

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