Melodic Muse: Alessia Cara

Melodic Muse: Alessia Cara

AGE: 19

HOMETOWN: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Alessia Caracciolo (Italian pronunciation: [aˈlɛssja kaˈrattʃolo]; born July 11, 1996), professionally known as Alessia Cara, is a Canadian singer and songwriter. She is of Italian descent from Calabria; her father was born in Canada, to Italian parents, and her mother is an Italian immigrant. She is  currently signed to EP Entertainment and Def Jam Recordings. She is best known for “Here”, her debut single from the debut album, Know-It-All, released November 13, 2015.  Like most new rising starts she made er debut on You Tube producing acoustic covers.


The Drake-co-signed Canadian singer-songwriter,  has a beautiful voice. some of our favourite tracks on the “Know It All” album include

“Wild Things,” a track about not conforming to society (“I lose my balance on these eggshells,” she says. “I’d rather be a wild one instead.”). “Stone” is a gentler love song that lets her flex her vocal abilities., and of course there’s her soulful side, which she shows off  in “River Of Tears.” Its a moody heartbreak story, in which she explains, “I realized that sometimes love builds you flowers and it builds you coffins” over soft harmonies and soft piano.

The album is filled with other pop like songs, which i feel actually don’t really fit her voice or her overall aura quite that well. It sometimes feels like the record company as forced to put her into this pop start box who is relatable to everyone. As she grows I’m sure she’ll find her true voice and sound. definitely an album worth checking out!