Mini Man Crush: Teddy Nkonde

Mini Man Crush: Teddy Nkonde

Teddy Nkonde 26
Store Manager/ Master Trainer H&M

When did you know you wanted to be in the fashion industry?
I’ve always loved clothes but never considered pursuing a career in fashion. After graduating from varsity I applied for a job as a partimer at a retail store and that’s when I fell in love with fashion retail.

What’s it like being in the industry?
Its quite challenging because you have fulfill every customers demand and people are different but at the same time its rewarding when you have happy clients walking out of the door.

How do you balance creativity and retail?
I’m quite fortunate to work for a company that enables me to be myself and also encouraged to be creative. There are guidelines and structures of cause but my creativity is not limited.

Was there anyone in your family that made you interested in fashion?
My family was actually against it but over the years they have witnessed how fulfilled I am with my job and all the growth opportunities that have been presented to me.

Who inspires you the most in fashion and your style?
I’m inspired by a lot of people, moreover the youth in my country and how a lot of my peers are making careers out of functions in the fashion industry that were often seen as hobbies’ in the past.
I take reference from my grandfather’s style and taste. A lot of my key items are from his wardrobe.

What do you look forward to in a working day?
Meeting different people and making a difference in someone’s life, we often under estimate what a new outfit or pair of shoes can do for one.

What tips would you give to someone who wants to enter the world of fashion retail?
The industry is quite demanding especially the working hours. Nevertheless the growth opportunities are endless especially if you are passionate and put in the work.

Perks of the job?
I get to travel and experience different cultures and markets

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
The possibilities are endless but I see myself excelling at whatever I would be committed to in 5 years time lol.

What is your ultimate aspiration?
Im constantly in pursuit of leading a meaningful life and also being a legend of my time (cheesy I know)

Whats currently on your top playlist..
Gary Clark Jr – Break down
Brenda Fassie – I straight lendaba
Malum koolkat- Ntwana yam
Petite Noir – Chess

What I love about being a black African youth is..
I am in charge of my life, I am presented with opportunities my grandfather never had and exploiting them fearlessly.

In a sentence Why you love the Mini Cooper…
The mini is a true reflection of my style and personality.