Fan Her Flame is an all Girls Lead-HER-ship program  for girls between the ages of 12-18 that deals with Positive Self-Reflection and Affirmation in the context of a society that overlooks the vulnerability of young women. The targeted messaging and theme of the short workshop is channeled to unburden these young people of the negative self-image that surrounds them and grow an appreciation of what young women leaders can be.

This  girls’ workshop is an equipping process with a lead-HER-ship toolkit that instills Positive Motivation and Inspiration. The goal of the programme is for the young women to understand their value, learn to better express their challenges and maximise their contribution to the development of their immediate communities.

The focus on the development of young ladies is intentional in transforming society toward the idea of equality in gender roles. By doing this, we are hoping to have a more functional society, with applied thought leadership. Our coaching approach provides a holistic approach to personal development.

The 2020 Fan her Flame cohort are 27 girls from a community service centre called Ntethelelo foundation, that live in the Northeast part of Johannesburg, in an informal settlement known as Sitjwetla, on the extents of Alexandra township, and cohort of 22 girls from Ikageng Aids Ministry located in Orlando West, Soweto.

The communities are constituted of shack dwellings from where the selected girls are aged between 12-17 years old reside. The centres actively run an after school programme from Mondays to Wednesdays for building up of their literacy skills and providing support for their schoolwork tutoring. This intervention facilitates the necessary tools to help them build resilience, strong values on self-care, self-respect as well as helping the girls deal with current traumas as a tool for healing. Fan Her Flame Supporting activities include the distribution of emergency food supplies to alleviate poverty and malnourishment within the community.