Taking ownership of the future today.

Taking ownership of the future today.

What does it mean to take ownership of your future today ? Well it varies depending on who you are in these days of post-apartheid Mandela, and ‘We Want The Land’ Malema.  If you are from South Africa you might be in the know of the indifferences that lie between those two individuals in terms of our socio-economic landscape.  If you are not, what I’m simply trying to say is things change to stay pretty much the same , and like wise things stay the same so they can change eventually.

Okay so enough with the going around in circles the point being made is that we might not have a set definition depending on what levels of growth you have amassed as a human being. If you are matriculant you want to get through final exams and explore the more demanding spheres of life. A final year student is hoping that one shaky module doesn’t side step him/her so the working world can embrace them with warm arms of welcome. If you are a creative you might have your fingers crossed that one important  wandering eye lands on your sought-out work, and lastly if you are an entrepreneur your prayers could be more aligned with making sure you convince that one big client that what you are selling comes second to none.

So you see taking ownership of your future today can have various meanings in relation to where one is in life. One undeniable aspect we all can’t ignore is that it sure does require a great amount of self-sacrifice, smart-thinking and hardwork, because whatever it is that needs to be accomplished requires one to simply be a doer, just start somewhere and do it.  You might not know all the in’s and outs but that’s the beauty of it you get to learn first hand and make those cringe-worthy vital mistakes that you look back on and have a good laugh.

It is of bad conditioning to think that mistakes are of an unpleasant nature when in fact they are the building blocks that strengthen the foundation of ones future,mistakes need to be made and concurrently learned from because as humans that is our nature we practice not for perfection but for improvement and through improvement perfection slowly comes along.

At some point in our lives this idiom of ‘nothing new under the sun’ might have graced your ears and if you happen to be a confused 21 Year old Like many of us, read a book,ask someone, make your research, don’t be afraid to make those life-changing decisions and ultimately grow into the future you that keeps you awake at night today.

Vutlharhi Nkwinika

Ig: @thepartyandtheafterparty_