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Blackboard Africa NPC is a registered Non-Profit Company based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The organization was founded in 2017 and was the brainchild of youth activists and social entrepreneurs Amonge Sinxoto and Zingisa Socikwa.


Blackboard Africa is an emerging Young Brand that promotes African Youth Activism and Social Innovation. The Mission of the organisation is the Rebuilding of the Social Fabric through Leadership and activism in the Digital Age. Our Vision is to See African Youth at the Forefront of Global Change.

Governance &Leadership

The organisation has three tiers of leadership: Committee of Directors , Executive Management, Ambassadors Lead Volunteers. The team has a lean structure that is targeted at delivery efficiency that is supported by a growing and dynamic community of wonderful volunteer members and supporters .

Zingisa Socikwa

Founding Member

Media Content Curator
Amonge Sinxoto

Founding Member

Creative Content Curator
Busisiwe Ntintili

Director: Non Executive

Lindelwa Busakwe

Lead Volunteer Programme

Mpumi Sinxoto

Creative Director

Grant Monareng

Lead Media Production

Tembisa Jele

Accounting Officer: Independent

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