About Us

A Few Words About Us

About Blackboard Africa

Blackboard Africa is a registered Non-profit Company (NPC), based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Blackboard was founded  to bridge the leadership gap amongst young people between ages 13 and 25 and prepare youth to address Africa’s problems. This was validated after a needs-assessment carried out determined this need was not being met.
The organization was founded in 2017 and was the brainchild of youth activist Amonge Sinxoto.


Our Mission

The Blackboard challenge is about inspiring and empowering youth creatively through different mediums, in preparation for leadership and complex real-life challenges that are facing Africa and particularly South Africa in this generation. We seek to develop as many young leaders all over South Africa with the purpose of taking ownership of their future. The Blackboard leadership ethos is a Vibrant Conscious Young Voice encouraging all young people to speak freely about their ideas and vision of the future and to actively participate in the building of a Positive African Narrative.

Through our programmes, we promote the culture of thinking about Solutions that are appropriate for Africa’s problems.