Blackboard Africa’s Pass-The-Baton is a youth social entrepreneurship/mentorship series that was launched in 2018. The program is a youth engagement initiative that uses digital content for storytelling and conversation. The content builds a strong narrative to inspire, motivate, educate, and engage. The program is about conscious preparation of young people between the ages 12-21 for the hurdles of life in pursuit of social impact. We use it as a tool for raising Social Entrepreneurs while equipping them with Communication, Relationships and Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Decision Making that can bring positive change in the environment.

In these online workshops we shall be inviting participants to enroll in the 2020/21 Blackboard Africa Leadership Pass-the-baton-Masterclasses:

  1. Blackboard Leadership Commitment for Young People who want to make a change.
  2. We  curate and facilitate a Series of Speakers, Life Coaches and Mentors facilitated by our Blackboard team. We use a special team of creatives to Schedule, Produce and Edit own digital content and reduce them to bite-size sessions that will culminate well for each session.
  3. The social media campaign  builds on the positive messaging related to our programme also share snippets of what has already released through the masterclass.

Target market: young people between the ages of 13-25 to be socially responsible and prepare them for leadership. Pass-The-Baton gives them the opportunity to think outside the box and encourage activism through engagement and participation. We engaged upcoming young leaders who are currently in social initiatives or in the processing launching such initiatives. An added incentive for the Programme is that we also wanted to ne run like a competition, where the top three pitches a small reward to get them started for implementation.

Module 1. Choose-a-Lane

  • Defining, Building and Packaging your Idea

Module 2. Starting Block

  • Situation Analysis
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Gap Analysis (SWOT)
  • Prepare a Plan (Time Management)

Module 3. Steady-Does-It

  • Building a Brand (Getting it out there)
  • Digital Readiness & Social Media
  • Pitching your Project (Communication & Interpersonal Skills)

Module 4. Preparing the Team and Resources

  • Identify Resources and People to Succeed
  • People Management
  • Leadership and Delegation