Lindelwa Busakwe tells us about her first theatre experience.

I have, for a very long time, yearned to watch a theatre production, but because of my procrastinating and introverted nature, I never actually did. Two months ago, I decided to take the plunge when the Blackboard Africa,  invited me to an exclusive viewing of The Suit by legendary playwright,  Can Themba, at The Market Theatre on Africa Day.

Moreover, I had heard and read some of his work back in varsity, and felt it was the perfect opportunity to witness the mastermind’s work on stage and see how imaginative and incredible director, James Ncgobo revives this renowned piece.

As I took my seat and looked down onto the stage, everything felt pure and intimate: The lighting, the set, the stage and the buzz of the audience.

What I appreciated the most was the fact that performers were in their raw form, from start to finish.  It was much more delightful to watch real people in front of me as opposed to a screen – I felt a connection to the performers; they did not just appear as characters, but were rather part of the audience.

I loved how passionate and hilarious the monologues &  dialogues were; the use of dark humor made the plot very interesting; kept me at the edge of my seat and had me laughing louder. Nothing beats a story that not only has a deep and compelling subject matter but has you roaring with laughter at the same time.

I walked out of the theatre a different person than when I walked in: challenged and thought about things in a new way.

This was an unforgettable experience. Thank you to the Blackboard team. Looking forward to more of these. Xx

Lindee IG: @hi.lindee