Long hair – blonde, brown of all shades. 

Ow and don’t forget the highlights.

Exotically coloured eyes 

with the perfect bone structure.

Flawless is all they see.

Desire to be your bronze’s and browns 

“No,no don’t count her she’s too pale or too dark”

Flawless is all I see.

Long thin toned legs now that doesn’t resonate with me.

Thigh gap,toned or thick but when they see you coming “oh she’s anerexic” or “Damn look at them thunder thighs”

Tight pants and short tops

Doing it all in the name of social acceptance.

Your main concern is whether you have a button it whether you can twerk.

Now tell me something, what is the difference between you

 – wearing tight dresses,make – up and heels – dancing on every guy you come across 

To the women who have yo sell their bodies,pride just to get them by for one day. 

Selling their self – worth,respect while you are doing it freely to gain self worth and respect? 

What is a women in society? 

The lady who is flawless but just a figment at ion of different better body parts – photoshop

Make up – “to blemish away your insecurities” 

The so called “perfect image”.

Flawless is all they see.

Whether you just woke up or your in your safe place.

Beautiful smile flashed across your face

No make – up. All insecurities hidden by the bombing new star created by JOY

Bond to live for thousands and thousands of years 

but only noticed when no one else’s opinion matters. 

Flawless is all I see when no one else’s opinion matters 

– Lala Shibambu