Melodic Muse Ruth B

Melodic Muse Ruth B

ruth-b-lost-boyAGE: 20

HOMETOWN: Alberta, Canada.

Ruth Berhe, known simply as Ruth B, started recording six-second snippets of her undiscovered vocal talent on Vine back in 2013. In November 2015, she released her debut EP, The Intro. and she is currently signed with Columbia Records.


The Intro is an acoustic collection of four songs

“Lost Boy,” song about friendship and growing up without it.

“2 Poor Kids” showcases Ruth’s style of music: bittersweet lyrics over bittersweet music. A song about growing up in a town that revolves around fame and money. It’s easily the most calming yet saddening song of the collection.

“Golden,” is about a young woman’s transformation from weak to powerful after going through struggle. She empowers her listeners with the melodic lyrics of “Burn, burn, burn, they used to yell/ You thought I was coal, my friend, I’m gold. Can’t you tell?/ ’Cause I’m not weak. I’m not broken. I am bold/ And the fire you put me through turned me into gold.” She sings absolute poetry in these lines, creating one beautiful piece of music.

“Superficial Love”  is about being someone’s first choice. Its simplistic instrumentals leaving enough room on the track to fully exhibit Ruth’s soft yet overwhelming voice.

The full EP, designed to be as a raw as possible, was recorded over two days in a Brooklyn studio. Ruth said there is a full studio album and a tour in the works for 2016. This young girl is about to achieve the attention and fame she grew up never desiring, so keep an eye on her as she works her way through this incredible journey all started from an app

HER INFLUENCES: “My favorite artists are Lauryn Hill, The Beatles, Carole King, Grouplove, Adele, Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran,” she lists. “That’s a few of them. The one thing all my favorite artists have in common is they are all storytellers. Something that I try to incorporate in my music.”

Follow her on IG: @itsruthb