Blackboard Africa runs a Youth Leadership Programme that includes a focus area
on the development of Young boys between the ages 13-18 years. The objective
of this sub-programme is the shaping and envisioning of future men of substance.

Our call to action is to, Combat the Ongoing Scourge of Gender Based Violence
in our society. We want to instill a fresh narrative of Leadership, Responsibility,
and Accountability in many young boys’ hearts.

Our focus is on Impacting young lives for the future by Raising Awareness of the
Challenges related to:

•Negative Gender Attitudes

•Women Abuse

•Social Bullying

•Psychological Abuse

•Aggressive and Violent Behavior


We seek to make a targeted effort to raise young leaders in our
community, bringing them together to identify effective
strategies for positive impact. We want to inspire as many
young persons to work together to accomplish our shared goal
of improving the lives of young people in South Africa.