Style Maven: Miya Twala

Style Maven: Miya Twala

Instagram has become an integral part of the rise and the boom of the new wave of free-lance, young stylists and aesthetic gods and our style maven this week understands the dynamic of the new found  ‘neo stylist’ generation.

Miya Twala is a model and style enthusiast from Johannesburg who has a caught the eyes of many through her well curated style-based Instagram account that plays host to almost 2 000 followers since its creation. The 17-year old taste-maker carefully considers her ensembles by making sure she aligns the correct pattern motifs with the right colours and silhouette shapes. We got the opportunity to step into Miya’s world for a while.

What is the one fashion piece that is common in most of your personal outfits and styling?

Somehow in my outfits I always seem to have something black. So my most common piece is anything that’s black.

What spurred or sparked the fascination with fashion?

I’ve always been Ito fashion because it sort of helped me with my confidence. So fashion has always been a way of me gaining my confidence.

There are many oppressive things that have happened and are still happening to women in general, how necessary do you think style is for uplifting confidence?

The upliftment in style is embracing everything you wear and not caring about what people say. Regardless of your weight wearing what you feel comfortable in.

Your Instagram account very well taken care of, constantly uploaded with interesting, quality shots of your outfits or inspirations. Do you think your use of highly creative imagery is the reason why people gravitate towards you?

Definitely so. I think the fact that my Instagram isn’t like everybody else’s and that I embrace my skin colour and my hair and I’m true to myself also attracted people as well.

Considering the fact that you are 17, do people take you serious in what you do and do they acknowledge your talents?

Yeah I do. I don’t like bringing my age up because I feel like people won’t take me seriously. I know and understand the impact I have even though I’m 17.

Do you think Instagram has made it easy for you and the fashion industry to exist and to be recognised?

Technology has made a lot of things easier in life, in general. So I do think Instagram has impacted in the fashion industry and helped the fashion industry to get recognized.

Do you think it is necessary to follow commercial/runway trends as an aspiring stylist?

Any form of inspiration is needed regardless if it’s commercial or high fashion

How has your generation of stylists, influencers and taste-makers changed the way people see fashion and general style?

People are more interested in fashion now and the trends that come with it. They want to know more about it and learn the aspects that come with it

Do you think South Africa is heading in the right direction in terms of defining our ’South African Style identity’?

It’s going at a slow pace but I do see the vision. Slowly but surely we’re heading there

Is the dynamic and diversity of fashion compromised when there is saturation and gatekeeping in fashion?

Yeah because a lot of things cannot be expressed due to limitations of the industry

Do you think style is objective or subjective?

Subjective, we don’t have the same tastes and we all prefer different things.

 Written by: Sizwe Mbiza IG: @sizembiza

Instagram: @miya_twala